What Does Loyalty Do in Minecraft?

What does loyalty do in Minecraft? I keep trying to see if it has any impact, but loyalty doesn't seem to do anything for me. I can't actually use this enchantment on anything. Help!

Asked by Jon H. on September 10, 2019

Answer: What does loyalty do in Minecraft?

Loyalty is a recent addition to Minecraft, as of the Aquatic Update.

With the Loyalty enchantment, when a player throws a trident, the trident will return to the player automatically after a certain amount of time.

What does loyalty do in Minecraft? - Loyalty is new as of the aquatic update.
Loyalty first appeared in the Aquatic Update.

The level of the loyalty enchantment determines how long it will take for the trident to return to the player. The higher the enchantment level, the less time it takes for the trident to return.

What does loyalty do in Minecraft? - An image of a player holding a trident.
A trident enchanted with loyalty will return to the player after being thrown.

Unfortunately, you cannot combine the loyalty enchantment with the riptide enchantment.

The maximum enchantment level for Loyalty is 3.

WARNING: If you throw your enchanted trident into the void, it will not return to you in the Java edition. In the bedrock edition, it will still return.

More Info: Enchanting a Trident with Loyalty

To enchant a trident with Loyalty, use an anvil or an enchanting table.

Anvil: You can enchant an unenchanted trident on an anvil with an enchanted book.

Enchantment Table: You can enchant an unenchanted trident on an enchantment table in exchange for experience points and lalpis lazuli.

If you don't have these options, it's possible to obtain a trident enchanted with Loyalty by trading with villagers, fishing, or through kills or loot.

More Info: The Aquatic Update

Minecraft released the Aquatic Update in 2018 for all versions except Nintendo 3DS.

The Aquatic Update offered a number of new features including:

  • New Biomes: There are several new biomes, including cold ocean, deep cold ocean, frozen ocean, deep frozen ocean, lukewarm ocean, deep lukewarm ocean, and warm ocean.
  • Updated Mobs: Minecraft updated several mobs, including husks, undead, squid, and zombies
  • New Mobs: Minecraft added several new mobs to the game including dolphins, turtles, fish, drowned and undead.
  • New Blocks: Minecraft added several blocks, including coral, dried kelp, various prismarine blocks, and turtle eggs
  • New Items: Minecraft added several new items like buried treasure maps, kelp, and tridents.

In addition to these updates, there are also a few new mechanics.

Most notably, breath doesn't refill right away when entering air from underwater. Water is also easier to see through when underwater, and the longer the player remains submerged the clearer water becomes.

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