Want to learn how to make a fence gate in minecraft? This article covers everything you need to know about adding a gate to your fence.

Updated August 31, 2019

Answer: How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft

In Minecraft, fence gates are a single block that acts like a door in a fence.

To make a fence gate, you’ll need four wooden planks.

Step 1: Gather Wooden Planks

Players can build fence gates from any type of wood, including oak, acacia, and spruce. You can either gather four wooden planks from villages, or craft them from wooden logs.

How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft - Making sticks
Crafting Sticks…

Step 2: Craft Planks into Sticks

In the crafting table, place one plank in the second square and one plank in the 5th square.

Drag the sticks to your inventory.

Step 3: Craft the Fence Gate

Place sticks in the 4th, 6th, 7th, and 9th squares. Then place planks in 5th and 8th squares.

How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft - Crafting the Fence Gate
Crafting the Fence Gate…

Drag the gate to your inventory. Now you’ll have a fence gate!

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Fence Uses

Fences have several different uses in Minecraft:

As a Barrier for Holding Mobs:

Fences are 1 block tall in appearance, but are tall enough to prevent most animal mobs from jumping over them. This means fences are good for holding in animals like llamas and for keeping hostile animals out.

As Fuel for Furnaces:

You can also use wooden fences as fuel for furnaces.

As a Hitch:

Mobs can be attached to a fence with a lead.

Fence Types

Players can craft fences from oak, birch, spruce, acacia, and dark oak. There are also jungle fences and nether brick fences.


Various fence types spawn naturally in Minecraft.

Oak fences may spawn in abandoned mineshafts, in library rooms, and in plains and desert villages. Spruce fences spawn in witch huts, snowy taiga, and snowy tundra villages. Acacia fences spawn naturally in savanna villages. Nether brick fences spawn in nether fortresses.

More Info: Crafting in Minecraft

In Minecraft, crafting is the primary way that players create items and blocks.

To craft an item or block, players move items from their inventory into a crafting grid. There’s a 2×2 crafting grid in the player’s inventory, and players can take advantage of a 3×3 grid when using a crafting table.

While for some items the order on the crafting grid doesn’t matter, for others players must place raw materials in the exact correct positions.

Players can look up the recipes for items they’ve discovered in their recipe book.

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