What does Riptide do in Minecraft? Every time I try to use the Riptide enchantment, nothing seems to happen. What is it actually supposed to do and how does it work?

Asked by Rayla G. on August 27, 2019

Answer: What does Riptide do in Minecraft?

Riptide is a Minecraft enchantment that can be used on tridents.

When you enchant a trident with Riptide, you can use the Trident as a quick mode of transportation to another location. Players can also “climb” to higher levels by throwing a trident enchanted with Riptide straight up.

What is Riptide in Minecraft? - An image of the Riptide enchantment
The Riptide Enchantment

After enchanting a trident with Riptide, you can only throw it while standing in water, or during snowy or rainy weather in certain biomes.

Higher levels of enchantment improve the distance that a player can travel when throwing their trident.

If a player collides with another player or a mob after throwing the trident, it deals throwing damage. In the Java version, throwing a trident enchanted with Riptide will decrease its durability regardless of collisions.

More Info: Enchantment in Minecraft

Enchanting is one of Minecraft’s core gameplay mechanics.

By enchanting armor, weapons, books, tools, or other items, you can increase their base stats or give them special abilities.

There are 3 ways to enchant an item.

  • Enchantment Table – You can enchant an unenchanted item on an enchantment table, consuming experience points and lapis lazuli.
  • Anvil – You can use an anvil to combine an enchanted book with an unenchanted item.
  • Anvil with Two Items – You can use an anvil to combine two of the same item with different enchantments into one item that has both enchantments.

You may also get items that are already enchanted by:

  • Trading – You can sometimes trade villagers emeralds in exchange for enchanted items.
  • Fishing – There’s a low chance of getting enchanted items when fishing.
  • Kills – If you kill a zombie, stray, husk, pillager or other npc that has an enchanted item, there is a chance of them dropping the item upon death.
  • Loot – Players may also find enchanted items in treasure chests, located in many ruins, dungeons, etc.

More Info: Riptide Enchantment

According to DigMinecraft, you can also use the Riptide Enchantment to make an enchanted book.

Gamepedia notes that the Riptide Enchantment is mutually exclusive with Loyalty and Channeling.

Riptide enchantments will not work in Biomes that snow at every single altitude.

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